Need of Career Guidance and educational quality improvement

Nowadays several engineers are sitting at home as jobless, at same time more jobs vacancies are available in our county that might not get filled for long time. Due to lack of job and placement, many seats are vacant in engineering colleges throughout Kerala. No students or only one student is available for MTECH in many of the engineering colleges. They not revealing that because it will affect their reputation. This is happening because MTECH students only aimed for teaching profession. Is the Master degree only for teaching job?. They all treating that MTECH just like as B-Ed or M-ed. Unfortunately large number of teaching faculties don’t know at least to build even a rectifier without any extra reference.

We have to change this situation.

I met engineering students both undergraduate and post graduate for their final projects. Here I’m sharing my experience with them regarding career development. First thing I have noted that, most of them know several equation, theorems etc., but they don’t know which equation/theory can be used for a specific problem. I felt that major problem is with their interest in the subject that they handling. It is important to guide the students to choose right area of study even from secondary school level. Before preparing for entrance they should know about different areas of study and branches, so they can understand pros and cons of area which they want to choose.

I suggest following improvements

  • Help to choose a well suited branch
  • Make interest in student by giving real examples
  • Let them to know the application before teaching a topic.
  • Place faculties with industrial experience.
  • Make arrangements for both students and faculties to interact with real problems in industry and to solve it.
  • Faculties should attend trainings and tests in every frequent intervals.